Strategic Partnerships

JMN Investigations and Protective Services has been supporting medium to large Security Companies since 1999. Large security agencies often obtain contracts that require swift deployment of personnel with challenging timelines. Oftentimes, the security agency is capable of long term staffing on predetermined operational expectations, however when the client requests something out of the ordinary or something outside the scope of the contract holder, things get complicated. JMN Investigations and Protective Services is here to support your needs and keep your client happy. We have been in the rapid response business for decades! It’s what we specialize in. Allow our staffing experts to take the stress and headaches out of your short term staffing needs. Unlike many security companies in the United States, we have the staffing capability and financial resources to keep your security business running at optimal operational standards, through our strategic partnership initiatives. We always “fly your flag”, and maintain strict guidelines with regards to respecting your professional relationship with your client. We don’t want your Clients. We only want YOU as a client.