Site Security & Vulnerability Survey. Threat Assessment Survey.

Threat Assessment Analysis

This service encompasses an evaluation of the existing security threats and the proposed security measures for the Client. This threat assessment is based on information made available by the Client, at the time JMNPI conducts research on the various regions and carries with it an overview based on historical actions. Although this threat assessment considers current and anticipated conditions that have the potential to create future security concerns, it is important to recognize that future incidents could alter risk levels and require an immediate adjustment of resources. The objective of the assessment analysis is to identify specific gaps associated with the proposed security measures to provide information necessary to assist in the allocation of resources to provide needed and necessary risk management to Client corporate Offices or offsite events.


Site Security & Vulnerability Assessments

Assets include but are not limited to:

  • Physical security infrastructure, activities, procedures, personnel, or measures that comprise all or part of the facility’s system for managing security risks
  • Physical safety infrastructure, activities, procedures, personnel, or measures that comprise all or part of the facility’s system for managing process safety and emergency response measures
  • Cyber systems involved in the management of processes, process safety, security, product or material stewardship, or business management and control
  • Vessels, process equipment, piping, transport vessels, or any container or equipment used in the processing or holding of chemicals
  • On-site and off-site response protocols
  • Warehouses, vaults, storage bays, and similar infrastructure; and
  • Specially trained, qualified personnel who are engaged in the management of security and safety risk

JMNPI utilize a wide range of site data gathering resources including; database
activity information, original as-built documentation, current Security Access Control
System status, real-time Lenel data mining and outsourced crime information to provide
Client with an accurate and concise site assessment report.

JMNPI will utilize established  security standards, industry best practices, standardized audit questionnaires and an experienced assessment team to fulfill the
following major goals of this assessment exercise:

1. Determine accurate functionality and operation of currently deployed security
2. Determine effectiveness of deployed security systems based on current site
conditions, site usage, site clientele requirements and equipment life cycle.
3. Determine if the optimal site security posture is achieved based upon available
technology, changes in Clients security standards, field device placement or
additional devices are necessary.
4. Determine if front-of-house visitor and contractor processing utilizes the
approved control/usage process, meets service level expectations of clientele
has functional photo capture and printing capability and presents
client in a professional manner.
5. Prioritize all of the above findings and observations to provide client with an
appropriate roadmap based upon risk factors and security exposures.
6. Review Operational and Security Officer effectiveness.
7. Develop capital budget summaries to allow client to forecast any corrective