Our Services

  • Insurance Fraud

    Regardless of whether we conduct a Worker's Compensation or Personal Injury Investigation, the Client can be sure that only Licensed and Experienced Investigators will be used. In both cases we provide the following services.

    • Interview all witnesses.
    • Photograph/Film (at client choosing) the location of the injury.
    • Determine if the claim is legitimate.

  • Background Investigations

    JMN Investigations is a leader in providing Background Checks to our Corporate Clientele .Our proven techniques in conducting Background Checks, will streamline both the ordering and monitoring processes of your Reports. In todays Litigious environment, a Background Check   can be the difference between hiring a quality Employee, or taking on needless risk. With our new Automated Background Checks system, you can now place your order, on our web-based Portal.

  • Workplace Violence

    What Criminal background might your employees be hiding? Know what you're getting before you hire an employee and prevent some future headaches. Most violent employees work their craft through intimidation. They enjoy instilling fear. Unfortunately threats are followed-through, and life no longer holds any value to the unstable. The level of protection often depends on the current threat assessment. The greater the threat, the more Protective Agents dispatched. Typically, an advanced team will be sent to the work-site in preparation for the targeted threat to arrive.