Our Services

  • JMNP Investigations
    Event Security

    JMN Investigations & Protective Services has extensive experience in providing Event Security Service in all types of Events, including; Corporate Events, Shareholder Meetings, Promotional Events, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Media Lunches, Concert Events, Dance Events, Festivals, Public Mass Gatherings and Private functions.

  • Robbery Suppression

    JMN Investigations offers Robbery Suppression services to Financial Institutions, Commodities Dealers and those businesses exposed to the threat of violence within the scope of their everyday responsibilities.

  • Missing Persons

    Most people who are missing can be located fairly easily. Computers, telephones and courthouse records provide a thorough paper trail on just about anyone. Our experiences with the people that we have found is that most of them were eager to know that they were being sought out.

  • Undercover Operations

    JMN Investigations provides Undercover Investigations assistance to Corporations.... Nationwide. Our Undercover Investigations will reveal the sources of both your Company Losses, as well as, potential Liability. With Undercover Investigations we can discover the type of Cancer, that can destroy your Company. Sexual Harassment, Employee Violence and Employee Theft, are all examples of what an Undercover Investigations can expose. Our Undercover Investigations nand seasoned Investigators, will properly integrate into your Business, with your objectives in mind, and your Liability at stake.

  • Surveillance

    Perhaps you suspect your partner is unfaithful. We will handle your case with respect and compassion. Although we always hope that these things are just misunderstandings, we will do everything we can determine the truth. Whether the case involves the Mail Clerk or the Vice President, your company's liability and policies are at issue. California Courts continue to hold Employers Liable for their employee's conduct, while in the scope of their duties. Whether it involves theft, abuses or sexual harassment, we can assist you.