Security Threats to Celebrities. Can they be secured?

Security Threats to Celebrities. Can they be secured?


By Malcom Brete


Being the spotlight places you in a position where others want to target you to either bring you down or take advantage of you. This issue opens door to talk about the importance of celebrity security.

Why is celebrity security important?

  • Being famous gets you haters along with fans. You never know what way the hater would express his hatred towards you; hence, you must be careful in all situations.
  • You can no longer lead a life where you could move around freely without being bothered. Everywhere you go, you will encounter tons of fans who might want to interact with you; this could hurt you unintentionally.
  • In public gatherings like political party meetings; protection is very much required to be safe against any form of attacks.


Celebrity Security


Celebrity security keeps you safe from any assaults, mobs or terrorists. The importance of celebrity security has come to limelight after several attacks on celebrities. To name some, several attacks on the Kardashian family members, attacks on musicians as retaliation to their influence in the industry, attacks on actors because of the roles they played in the movies etc.


In today’s advanced world, there are many different ways of celebrity threats. To list a few: –

  1. Physical threat: You could be attacked physically, assaulted or robbed off.
  2. Hacking: This is a form of online threat. There have been cases where the celebrity’s devices were hacked to leak their personal data that they wouldn’t share with others otherwise.
  3. Ransomware: This is one of the greatest ongoing threats to your digital existence. The information that you store in the cyberspace could be encrypted and you could be locked out of it.
  4. Social Media Schemes: This includes personifications of companies, celebrities, and other social icons online and portraying ill information. Its duplicate but on social platforms many fall for it, thus ruining the celebrities’ reputation.
  5. Identity theft: Hackers could seek important credentials and steal the identity. Celebrities are scared of losing personal information and files.


Celebrities can get aid from security agencies for well-trained bodyguards to be with them 24×7 year-round. This will make them feel safe and secure. Along with extra help, you can help yourself from falling into unpleasant situations too. Follow the following tips: –

  • Flaunting your wealth on social media can tempt the robbers to rob you off.
  • Constantly updating location statuses on social media platforms gives a chance for the crowd to follow you everywhere.
  • Make sure you get a good security system installed on your electronic devices. Getting a good quality antivirus on your system will prevent any kind of loss of data.
  • It’s important to make strong passwords. Passwords safeguard your information.
  • While in a public place, don’t react too much. If a mob gets angry, you could get harmed.
  • Learn to ignore. There will be a lot of haters out there, make sure you get past the negativity.


Having beefy bodyguards can provide protection from physical harms, but safeguarding yourself from cybercrimes can be a little difficult. As famous you get, the crimes committed against you get more and more sophisticated.

There are agencies now that provide help to keep you safe even in these situations. JMNPI is a company that offers help for its customers to fight against cyber crimes.

Cyber consultants are paid heavily to get celebrities out of trauma due to cybercrimes. They set up good security systems on their devices and preach them to practice good cyber-hygiene. Spreading awareness about the types of attacks that can be encountered and how they can be dealt with solves half the problem.



How to deal with security threats: –

  1. a) It’s worth shelling out your money for a plausible security setup. Based on how threatful your environment is, the security can be tightened. It’s always safe to have bodyguards with you while parading in public places.
  2. b) A good habit that you must practice, is having a trustworthy backup of all files and data. In case of a ransomware attack, retrieving your data becomes easier.
  3. c) Never use the same password for all your accounts. This way, if one is hacked, it’s easy to hack other accounts too. Have a different and strong password for every account.
  4. d) To thwart and mitigate social media scheme based attacks, one can rely on organizations like ZeroFox.


Everything comes at a cost. Being famous worldwide as a celebrity is a bane as well as a boon. Celebrity security is one of the most demanded security services of the present day and we do a good job at providing them.