Private Security Firms – Working and Insights

Private Security Firms – Working and Insights

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By  Jon Saer

The modern private security industry stands unprecedented in its influence and sophistication. The increase in the global violence since the 20th century led to the sudden rise in the private security industry. The military outsourcing done by the private security firms were in great demand and this factor led to the establishment of the realm of private security. Take a look at the current status of the private security industry and the highlights of such firms.

What are Private security firms?

A private security firm is a business module which offers armed and unarmed security services to clients. Such services can be described as the protection of personnel and/or assets as requested by their clients. They provide their loyal expertise to both private and public clients. Though they mainly involve in providing guard and patrol services like bodyguards, security guards, and parking security, they also provide advanced special operations services when demanded.

The demand for Private Security:

The rapidly growing private security industry is such that currently, there are about 2 million private security workers in the US. The United States stands as the world’s largest consumer of the private military and security service.

In India, the private security sector has a very positive outlook. Employing around 70 lakh people in India, the private security industry is expected to raise manifold to guard the men, material, and money.


The private security firms select and employ the ablest and competent personnel who are fit for the job. They mostly prefer ex-military personnel as they are more prone to such services. Though such private security firm’s work for legitimate clients like the governments, international organizations, NGOs, companies, and corporations, some firms also provide their services to rebel groups and dictatorial organizations.

Supply and employees:   

The private security industry supply military and security services. The private security personnel could be of both extremes. Perceived to be the most legitimate military actors, the national soldiers lie at one end of the spectrum and the mercenaries lie at the other end. This divides the private security sector into two, namely the private military companies and the private security companies.

The private security firms are registered corporate bodies with legal and hierarchical structures and public relations. Some firms are part of large multinational conglomerates. Private security firms utilize a flexible workforce. They draw the required employees for each contract. Some firms also have core military operations.

Some firms provide services ranging from one-time personal protection to long-term personnel and asset protection programs. Private security firms offer global resources, protective intelligence, and scalability.

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The service provided by major private security firms are as follows:

–    Research and analysis

–    Technical services

–    System support

–    Operational support

–    Logistics and training

–    Intelligence services

–    Armed force

–    Weapon destruction

–    Armed security

–    Patrol services


With around 7 million security guards in any given Country, statistics show that the number is expected to double by 2020.    With liberalization increasing simultaneously with globalization, the demand for private security firms has also increased steadily. Though not approved wholly for their armed services, this private sector is needed and welcomed most in the crisis zones of the world. However, in other countries, the private security sector has been a pillar of support to ensure safety and security.