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As you may have noticed, there are several Groveland-Big Oak Flat Private Investigator and Groveland-Big Oak Flat Security Service agencies on the web to choose from, so why choose us? At JMN Investigations & Protective Services, we pride ourselves on providing professional services at competitive industry rates. At JMN Investigations and Protective Services, we control our overhead costs to give you the Client, the best value. In addition, JMN Investigations & Protective Services utilizes only LICENSED AND INSURED PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS and SECURITY COMPANIES. Our preferred partners have been extensively vetted for; experience, subject matter expertise and proper insurance and licensure. We take the fear and uncertainty out of choosing a single source- Risk Management provider.

JMN Investigations & Protective Services is a premier provider of Groveland-Big Oak Flat Security Service and Groveland-Big Oak Flat Private Investigator services, since 1999.
Our agency has been providing the following professional services for 20 Years.

  • Plain clothes (armed) security service
  • Uniformed (armed) security service
  • Robbery suppression response and prevention services
  • Hostile termination security services
  • Workplace violence security service and prevention programs
  • Large deployment event security
  • Labor negotiations (strike) security service


  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Business loss investigations
  • Undercover operations
  • Attorney support services
  • Background checks

Why put your company at risk with an inexperienced Security Service or Private Investigator? We have remained in business, in part because; we don’t let our clients down! In addition, we have the financial resources to support our operations and keep your business safe. Trust our Groveland-Big Oak Flat Security Service and Groveland-Big Oak Flat Private Investigator to keep your business on track.

We do not provide Private Investigator services to private parties (i.e. domestic investigations, cheating spouses, missing persons etc.). We only service; attorneys and businesses.
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