Private Investigation as a career?

Private Investigation As A Career

By Joseph Stelt.


Private Investigator

The need for private eyes has significantly risen in the past decade with a very globalized business and corporate scenario. This allows for a very open and extreme competition where requirement and protection of relevant information are essential. For those who plan on stepping in to become private investigators, it is key to understand the upsides and the downsides of the job in order to put your best foot forward.

The Advantages of the profession:

  • According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average growth of 11% in the employment rates is expected from 2012-2022 for private detectives and investigators. This means there will be significantly more opportunities for you, as a Private Investigator to grow and gain experience.
  • The field of work offers multiple specializations in many activities such as surveillance, interviews, just to name a few.
  • The salary is definitely a huge added advantage. As you gain experience, your pay only gets higher from high. It is noted that the salary for private detectives comes to an average of 53,000 US Dollars. This is higher than average as compared to most jobs.
  • No specific educational qualification is required from you to become a private detective. Most of the trade is learned from hands-on fieldwork.
  • You get to work independently. This line of work does not involve a strict work environment. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 21% of all Private Detectives are self-employed.

 Workplace As An Advantage

All of us are aware that private investigation is a field job. It requires a calm mind and a lot of patience. For collecting information you will have to physically conduct research and visit various places. Whenever a Private affair is involved, you must do your jobs individually. As a Private investigator, you have the biggest advantage of not being commanded by any government authority or being subject to surveillance.You do your work as a civilian. Most of your tasks can be carried out from a remote location such as exploring computers for deleted emails or conducting surveillance using GPS trackers, video cameras, and mobile phones.

The environment where you are not restricted and watched provide optimal work and performance advantage, allowing you to scale in your field.


Another advantage you have is that private investigation is one of those fields where you do not require a formal degree. This is mainly because a Private Investigator’s role basically varies with client needs.

Growth Opportunities

It is almost certain that Private Investigation will grow at an exceptional rate in coming years. In today’s world, everyone is occupied with their own businesses. Also, as the competition in business increases, rivals have opted to different means for overtaking each other. They want to grow past one another and thus lose moral values while doing so. Hence they employ Private Investigators so as to give themselves an edge over their rivals.

Aspiring to be a Private Detective/Investigator?

Here are a few tips to help you better your career and improve your skills in the field.

  • The most important thing you must possess is sharp observational skills to identify even the smallest details for evidence.
  • Strong lexical skills are another requirement which can always bein your favour.
  • Most of the Private Investigators have been previously linked to law enforcement or criminology and they opt for this career post-retirement. Possessing a degree in criminal justice is another plus that will take you places.
  • Strong knowledge about latest technological innovations is a strong investment to have. Being tech savvy will give you a better boost at looking into cyber-related projects.
  • A licensed weapon may come in handy. Although the risks of being a private investigator are comparatively less, it does not hurt to have a licensed gun or weapon of choice at hand during seemingly dangerous tasks or security threats. You are your client’s trump card but you might as well be the rival’s threat.
  • Always have equipment relevant to your case handy. Be it cameras or a trusty laptop PC, it is essential that you go over the materials you would need for the job and have them ready to use at all times.


Private detectives play an essential role in ensuring security and alleviating security threats on many occasions and as a career, it is certainly on the rise. Although they are hired to carry out secret and personal tasks by high-profile clientele, they might be hired for individuals who may not want to rely on the general law enforcement’s assistance. Private detectives are often ex-law enforcement personnel; however, they might also have similar qualifications from the same field. Individuals are required to have high reliability, discreet work ethics and extremely efficient work methods to prosper as a private detective, especially since the demand for people in this line of work has been quite steadily gro