Workplace Violence

Whether you are anticipating a hostile termination, or feel threatened by one of your employees, we can help. Although not all problem employees can be detected by Pre-Screening, we always urge our clients to conduct a Background Investigation to reduce their odds of hiring a troubled individual.

What Criminal background might your employees be hiding? Know what you’re getting before you hire an employee and prevent some future headaches. Most violent employees work their craft through intimidation. They enjoy instilling fear. Unfortunately threats are followed-through, and life no longer holds any value to the unstable. The level of protection often depends on the current threat assessment. The greater the threat, the more Protective Agents dispatched. Typically, an advanced team will be sent to the work-site in preparation for the targeted threat to arrive. With particularly hostile terminations, Agents can be placed in the workplace, at the Executives residence and if necessary, conducting constant surveillance on the target.

JMN Investigations will provide protective staff as well as surveillance equipment to ensure that any violent action is not only addressed, but recorded for Prosecution.