Missing Persons

Most people who are missing can be located fairly easily. Computers, telephones and courthouse records provide a thorough paper trail on just about anyone. Our experiences with the people that we have found is that most of them were eager to know that they were being sought out.

JMN Investigations conducts locating services for Missing Persons…Nationwide. Whether your Missing Person is a Witness needed in a Litigation, or an old lost love, we can help. With Missing Person, the key to locating the Missing Person is Information. When was the Missing Person last seen? Does the Missing Person have relatives, friends or family? In most Missing Person cases, we offer a Flat Fee Program. With these special programs, we either locate the Missing Person, or you don’t pay. In most cases, a Missing Person case will take an average of 10 (ten) Business Days. A great deal of time is spent tracking the Missing Person from their previous Employment, Old Residence and known habits. When our research of the Missing Person fails, we are typically required to dispatch an Investigator, for a more “hands on appoach”. That means; Knocking on Doors. This most often occurs on the most difficult of locates, with regard to a Missing Person.

It is the rare case when a person is trying to “disappear”. When this does occur, JMN Investigations has the resources to aid our clients. Typically, these investigations involve a great deal of communication between the investigator and the client. JMN Investigations can provide an investigator that will listen to your problem and try to come up with a workable plan for meeting your needs.

Please be advised that JMN Investigations follow a strict policy of notification. If the party you seek is located, they will be contacted by JMN Investigations prior to the client obtaining the gathered intelligence. We feel that this is necessary to protect both the subjects privacy, and prevent any criminal element such as stalking. Exceptions to this policy include but are not limited to, missing children and deadbeat parents. Upon receiving the subjects approval, all intelligence will be shared with the client.