Our Protective Services

Jewelry Escort : Protective escort and stationary security for high-end jewelry shows

Robbery Suppression : Two-man suppression teams, for prevention of or action against following an armed robbery

Union Strike Force : Large- security force protection during a prolonged strike negotiation

Force Protection : Overwhelming force to mitigate a security breach within "sensitive" government and private sector assets

Threat Assessment and Mitigation : Employing a Threat Evaluation and Mitigation Matrix, for high risk celebrities, executives and politicians

Witness Protection : Protection and housing; for high risk witnesses during periods of testimony

Event Security : Concert protection and security, during large celebrity events.

Domestic Violence Protection : Protection and Housing for victims of domestic violence

Workplace Violence : Investigation and protective services, immediately following a hostile threat or encounter in the workplace

Reduction in Force Protection Services : Plain-clothes agent(s)s "peppered" in the workplace during large scale terminations- layoffs

Executive Protection : Shadowing, escorting and protecting our clients from: violence, safety hazards and unforeseen risk

When your security is at stake, finding the right security company is necessary. Don't take chances, bring in the professionals. Bring in JMN Investigations & Protective Services.

We look forward to serving your risk management needs.