Private Detective Comes out of the Shadows

Private Investigator discusses the need to reach out and share the non-Hollywood version, of being a Private Detective.

JMNP Investigations

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) November 17, 2006 — With the recent negative press, at least one Private Investigator has gone public, to discuss the day to day Business, as a Real Private Detective.

JMN Investigations, a Lodi Based Private Investigations Agency speaks openly about the real day to day soldiering of a Private Detective. “Contrary to the recent and sensational stories as of late, Real Private Investigators work diligently to balance the Scales of Justice, Battle White Collar Crime, and hopefully; Save Lives,” stated John Nobriga, CEO of JMN Investigations. While most Private Investigators avoid the Media, this Private Detective felt it was necessary to go public and reveal the real workings of the Private Detective Industry.

“Our Agency specializes in Corporate Problem Solving, so when our Client reach out for help, whether it requires an Employee Background Check, or Protection from a Dangerous Employee, we are there to mitigate that Concern,” said John Nobriga.

The Agencies change of policy; stems from the negative Press surrounding the recent Arrest and Conviction of Anthony Pelicano. “It’s important that the Country, and our Clients, understand that one or two bad Investigators within the Industry, certainly do not represent the ethical, moral and substance, of our Agency, or the Industry”, stated John Nobriga.

Recently, Mr. Nobriga granted a Live Interview, to a Texas Radio Station to discuss the realities of working as a Private Investigator. “We interviewed Mr. Nobriga, on-air and live November 12, with Pam Kelly and Rick Gillis, on the Employment Radio Show; with Rick Gillis. The Radio Show airs Sundays in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth Markets and offers real-world, real-time advice to our listening audience; regarding background employment checks, credit checks and issues dealing with workplace violence. John’s mastery and knowledge of the subject, makes him a credible expert who we intend to call on for future shows. Hurrah for John’s ability to get the point across in a medium that requires one to create pictures out of words”, stated the Host of the Show; Rick Gillis.

Most Private Investigators come from either a Law Enforcement or Corporate Investigation Background. With some of the strictest Licensing Requirements in the Country, California requires new Investigators seeking Licensure, to have completed 6000 hours of Investigative Experience, Pass a Lengthy State Exam, and undergo a Background Investigation by the Department of Justice.

Mr. Nobriga continues, “A quality Investigator serves his Clients by staying behind the scenes. We provide services to a Criminal Defendant, in the spirit of his/her Due Process, Conduct Threat Assessments and subsequent Protection against Stalking Suspects, Investigate White Collar Crime and interface with Law Enforcement, to ensure our Services are fully utilized”.

“We serve our Clientele with the understanding that; our objectives can be met without sacrificing; our Moral Compass. At the end of the day, we’re here to protect the Interests and confidentiality of our Clients. We certainly can’t do that, if we’re too busy sharing that Confidential Work Product, in front of a Grand Jury”, stated John Nobriga.

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JMN Investigations is a Nationwide Risk Management and Investigative Services Agency, with emphasis on Corporate Problem Solving. JMN Investigations clientele of Governments, Corporations and individuals are serviced both through the Parent Company and Screening Division- The Screening Group. JMN Investigations core business segments include Business Investigations, Crisis Management, Threat Management, Pre- Employment Screening, Background Checks and Insurance Fraud Investigations

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