JMN Investigations & Protective Services announces expansion plans within the domestic US Marketplace.

JMNP Investigations

Following the strategy to expand within the US, JMN Investigations & Protective Services has deployed staffing initiatives to provide nationwide risk management and advisory services within the US.

“JMN Investigations & Protective Services is a multimillion dollar provider of Private Investigator and Security Service products and services. With over 500 strategic partners across the United States, is uniquely qualified to deploy and sustain critical assets within the scope of our operational marketplace,” stated John Nobriga.

JMN Investigations & Protective services mainly provide high threat protective services, but also has operations protecting its customers’ liability exposure through Insurance, Liability and risk management-based investigations.
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JMN Investigations & Protective services is a knowledge leader in security & Investigations. By focusing on providing security & Investigative solutions to fit each customer’s needs, JMNPI has achieved sustainable growth and profitability in an ever growing market. Since 1999 JMNPI has been in the business of problem solving and plan to leverage that experience and reliability to a market that continues to evolve.

John Nobriga is the President of JMN Investigations & Protective Services.



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