The High Stakes World of Celebrity Security

High Stakes World of Celebrity Security

By David Sye


Celebrities are constantly under a lot of pressure, due to their security concerns. This could be due to their prolific star profile that makes them a tempting target; celebrity security is a must. Being famous indeed comes with a cost. Haters are constantly hunting for opportunities to take advantage of you or harm you.

Why has celebrity security become paramount?

  1. a) You wouldn’t have the slightest idea about the way your hater might express his hatred towards you; you must practice caution all the time.
  2. b) In huge public gatherings, protection becomes a must.
  3. c) Being a celebrity attracts too much attention. When you’re out in public places, even fans could hurt you unintentionally; thus, celebrities need some extra protection all day round.


Celebrity security’s main job is to keep you safe from assaults, terrorists or mob. Celebrity security recently became a huge issue due to several attacks on famous people lately. Some of the most traumatizing attacks include attacks on the Kardashian family, famous musicians due to their influence, movie stars due to the roles they played in the movies etc.

Nowadays there isn’t even one celebrity without bodyguards. Bodyguards have become an integral part of the world of celebrity security. Life of a bodyguard isn’t as glamorous as it looks; don’t judge a book by its cover.



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 What do bodyguards do?

Their job profile differs from client to client. The things they are assigned to do depend on what the client’s background and requirements are. They are trained to react vigilantly when emergency calls. They ought to stay close to their assigned subject all the time and keep a close eye on the surroundings, scanning for unpleasant situations. Prior the celebrity’s appearance at any place, the bodyguard checks the place for any possible threats and makes sure there aren’t any loopholes. In some situations, the bodyguards need to drive the celebrity to a certain place or event; at such times, they ought to plan travel routes that’ll be safe and comfortable.

Bodyguards are always at high risk. They focus on checking cars for bombs, watching shooters, keeping strangers at a safe distance from the celebrity etc.

They must be trained, be dedicated towards the celebrity’s protection, should be willing to travel a lot and must practice patience at all times.


What does it take to become a bodyguard?

  • Security doesn’t just include bulky men with dangerous weapons. It requires a lot of research, effective communication between individuals and teams, preparation, being eagle-eyed, a calm mind in all situations and quick decision-making skills. Nothing can be achieved by using brute force.
  • Celebrity bodyguards must have some form of special police or military training. Generally, security firms tend to hire law enforcement officials and US veterans. This includes US Army Delta Force, Navy Seals, etc.
  • The BLS; i.e. Bureau of Labor Statistics, have set certain educational standards for becoming a professional bodyguard. They are required to possess a GED or high school diploma and successfully complete on-the-job training. The certificate program covers physical security, threat assessment, legal and ethical issues. Some security firms demand a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement, criminal justice, and other related relevant fields. After completing the bachelor’s degree, a higher qualification can be obtained by doing certificate programs. These programs cover courses in psychology, forensic sciences, and criminology.
  • Bodyguards, apart from possessing educational requirements and training, even require certain personality traits. They must be willing to stand up for people who can’t protect themselves. Qualities like strength, stamina, patience, empathy, composure are appreciated.


What can you expect of a bodyguard’s lifestyle?

1)    Celebrities expect their bodyguards to live on their time. Their schedules completely depend on the celebrity’s agenda of the day. On lazy days, your work could be 3 hours and you could be as busy as 24 hours a day.

2)    Life of a bodyguard is unpredictable. Celebrities’ lives are quite fast-paced and ever-changing. Spontaneous and unplanned trips are a part of their lives. Being a bodyguard, you can’t pay much attention to your personal relationships and personal life. You’ll be asked to travel to different locations and countries with your client at a very short notice. Although it’s unpredictable, you get to travel the world and explore various places due to this opportunity.

3)    One can expect tantrums, request-specific demands, and narcissism from celebrities. Sometimes they forget that you might be sick, have a family and kids, some personal commitment etc, and would expect you do everything that facilitates their needs.


4)    Job profile of a bodyguard doesn’t include physical protection exclusively. They might have to help them with their baggage, if they trip and sprain their ankles, and protect them. A bodyguard must safeguard their client from physical harm and embarrassment.



Bodyguard’s profession is prestigious and held in high regards. Their employment status is great and will always be. Since their job is risky and difficult, they get paid heavily. Security executives from elite firms earn an amount of about $100/hour. Their pay is based on experience and the risks they tackle.