How to Get a Private Security Agency License

How to Get a Private Security Agency License

By Daryl Mak


Private security agencies are organizations responsible for providing security services and training relevant to becoming a part of the security firm. They came into existence due to rising concerns about terrorism and crime. The organization’s security service is required for the public to protect themselves from mishaps and different forms of crime. These organizations work under the regulations provided by the PSARA: Private Security Agency Regulation Act 2005. According to the act, no one can start a business or provide security without possessing an official license. Every country has a different set of rules for such security firms. In India, excluding Jammu and Kashmir; the security service firms must abide by the guidelines laid down by the PSARA.

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With rising concerns about crime and terrorism, the demand for private security services is increasing steadily among the public to protect themselves against different types of crime

Before getting the license, make sure all these prerequisites are fulfilled.

  1. The person or organization applying for the license mustn’t have been dismissed or removed from any government service due to moral immorality or misconduct.
  2. The company shouldn’t be convicted of any offense on basis of formation, promotion or management of a company. Any malfeasance or fraud work committed by any executive related to the company, shall not be entertained.
  3. The person shouldn’t be associated with any court cases with a prescribed punishment of more than two years.
  4. Any association with organizations or activities that are banned under the law and pose threats to the security of the nation, won’t be issued the license.
  5. The company should be registered with the GST
  6. Contractual Labour Act must be registered under
  7. Provident Fund and ESI registration


The application is to be procured from the Controlling Authority of the state. The fee for the same varies as:

For one district: 5,000 rupees

For 2-5 districts: 10,000 rupees

For the entire state: 25,000 rupees

After the application is posted, the board is supposed to accept/refuse the application within 60 days.


The regulations under the Act: –

  1. The private security agencies must procure a license before practicing.
  2. Security guards, as well as supervisors, must be employed by the agencies.
  3. Preference should be given to executives with a defense background; for example, Navy, Army, Police, Home guards etc.
  4. Certain regulations must be taken into notice for becoming a security guard or security guard supervisor.


Eligibility for being employed by the security agency: –

  1. a) The person must be a citizen of India
  2. b) The age group must fall in between 18-65 years old
  3. c) The person must have successfully completed security training
  4. d) Physical standards of the applicant must be up to the mark
  5. e) The person shouldn’t have been associated with any court case.


Follow the given below manual to procure the license.

1)    Post an application to the Controlling Authority

2)    Pay the application fees as per requirement

3)    Submit these additional certificates as well: –

  1. a) Original Affidavit
  2. b) A duly attested copy of Memorandum of Association, proprietorship, articles of association etc.
  3. c) Attested copy of Certificate of registration of the agency
  4. d) Copy of Certificate of security training from a recognized, competent authority
  5. e) Attested copy of Proof of ownership of the agency
  6. f) Proof of residence
  7. g) All details of arms licenses possessed must be provided
  8. h) Clear details about the logo of the agency must be explained. The picture of a clear logo must be attached too
  9. i) The copy of sample of identity cards provided to employees is required
  10. j) Details of the already serving employees in the agency ought to be provided in a particular format
  11. k) Details about client agencies
  12. l) Insides of deployment of any armored vehicles, PSGs or supervisors are mandatory as well
  13. m) A copy of the following proofs of the proprietor is to be submitted: passport, PAN card, UID number, DIN number, current ITR status.
  14. n) Photographs of the uniform of the employees must be given. It should include cap, uniform along with the logo. The photograph should be taken from all four sides; 4 passports sized photos in color.
  15. o) Copy of the following forms: STR-2, ESI, EPF


The procedure of getting the license is different for different states; with the ground rules and requirements being the same. The validity of the license is 5 years; after which it needs to be renewed.