Executive Protection

Business managers today often attract unwelcome attention from a variety of quarters, including; terrorists, criminals, disgruntled ex-employees, activists, violent pressure groups and political demonstrators. Usually, the company is the real target but it is the company’s executives who are vulnerable to attack – sometimes for the purposes of industrial espionage, blackmail or, at worst, extortion and kidnap for ransom. More commonly however, business managers – and sometimes their families – are far more vulnerable to straightforward criminal assault or theft. Although this can occur at home or at the office, it usually takes place whit usually takes place when travelling, especially overseas.

Senior executives and business managers also become collectively exposed on certain regular occasions such as at international management meetings and annual general meetings.

The threats facing an executive vary widely depending on the size of the company, the industry it belongs to and the individual executive’s profile. Clients in oft-targeted sectors such as the financial services, pharmaceutical and energy industries, and those with executives based overseas, worry about kidnapping, car jacking, mail-borne explosives, biological agents and ecoterrorism. Threatening letters and e-mails and workplaced violence fill out the list.

Given the range of risks involved, JMN Investigations & Protective Services, who have managed executive protection programs know that; protecting an individual is a very different discipline from securing a facility. A top level executive cannot be hindered by his own Security detail. Unlike a building with a single gate, there are numerous ways for an attacker to get to an executive, including; through the exploitation of family members. Clients of our Executive Protection Program, face the challenge of Employing the type of protection that serves their company’s needs, while also making that security palatable to the executives who have to live with it.

JMN Investigations & Protective Services, has a long and distinguished track record of providing personal security services and practical Executive Protection to individuals and companies across the Country. Our professionals always assess the risk as the first step of any personal security assignment, since this will fundamentally affect the type and methods of protection to be engaged. Thereafter, we provide residential and office security surveys; advice
on security system design and installation, travel security advice, driving and mobile security training and close protection teams when required. The latter are usually unobtrusive yet reassuring, with the except; when they are deployed at sensitive meetings, to create an obvious and overt presence, to act as a deterrent to potential troublemakers. Our close protection teams are professional, well trained and experienced, so that clients can rely upon a dependable and consistent standard of service.

If your Company is considering the needs of Executive Protection, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our proven techniques, products and Corporate Solutions.