How Event Security handle threats during events.

How Event Security handle threats during events.


By Evan Health.


Event Security

Event planning has become quite a hectic profession in the recent times. Even when the planning is at its best, unfortunately, there are probabilities of troubles and threats during events. Event security team has become mandatory for every event. Making sure that the event’s guests are rightly protected against any kind of threats and ensuring that the event is secure is the ultimate duty of the event security team. Take a look at how the event security team handles probable threats during events.

Event Planning:

The first and foremost step in conducting an event successfully in the event planning. Early planning is always beneficial and contributes to the success of the event. Several factors ought to be considered when planning an event, be it a simple or a major special event.

Venue selection for an event is a critical process and should be done with great care. For events involving VIPs or celebrities, the event security team should consent when choosing the venue for the event. This factor is important because the event security should make sure that the venue could be secured every nook and corner. They should also consider the easy accessibility so that the celebrities and the VIPs are treated properly without tainting their reputation and popularity.

Contingency plans should also be made by the event security team for certain events. These plans should contain the guidance procedures and safety measures in times of crisis. Major threats like bomb threats, fire and evacuation come under such crisis.


 Probable security threats:


However good and efficient the event security be, threats are probable. The event security should be planned with all the probable threats and be equipped and ready to face them. In a case of a threat, sense of fear takes us over preventing us from taking rational decisions in facing it. Mental awareness is a must-have characteristic for every person in an event security team. Before considering the probable threats and their respective security measures, the health and safety issues of the event and the venue ought to be discussed and made sure. The following are some of the common threats faced during events.

  • Guest list management: This is a major challenge for event security team. In some cases, people who are not on the guest list might have come to the event and they might be unavoidable. This can exceed the expected number of attendees and may cause serious consequences.
    This issue should be handled delicately because it could affect both the host and the guest. This could be avoided by creating and getting clear guidelines from the host client and using proper authority to implement the guidelines.

    Equipment Theft: This is a common threat faced by many events. Though it is difficult to prevent, it could be controlled to some extent by proper measures taken by the event security.
    Such equipment theft could be prevented by restricting public access to areas where there is expensive equipment. Establishing security presence in such areas like security cameras or guards could also minimize the probability of this threat.

    Violence: Though less common, violent threats ought to be considered for every event as this involves lives. Ranging from attendee aggression to terrorist attack, the violent threats are indeed serious.

    If the event or the venue is probable to terrorist attacks, it is the primary duty of the event security team to do a full sweep (canine sweeps if necessary) of the venue before the event as well as do a time to time check. Armed guards should be ready for dispatch anytime.


If the special guest of the event is likely to be attacked or the celebrity be crowded by paparazzi, the event security should be prepared. These threats could be avoided if there is adequate and competent security staff.
Celebrities and VIPs often have their own private security team. Though they insist on taking charge, the event security should overlook and have the situation under their control.


Responsibilities Of The Event Security:


Event security management ought to be taken seriously for the success of an event. The following are the responsibility areas that should be covered by the event security.

– Acquire the adequate and competent security workforce

– Have an integrated communications command center for immediate and effective action

– Have perimeter control by both on screen and physical security

– Protecting critical infrastructure such as the power control room, communication grids, etc. and expensive equipment

– Have fire and emergency medical services ready for dispatch

– Detect and eliminate hazardous materials and weapons of destruction

The event security staff have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They have to be multi-functional, alert and vigilant. Behind every successful event, there is a successful event security team which worked hard in eliminating the probable threats, right?