Celebrity Security: An Insight

Celebrity Security: An Insight


By Jack Bent

Everybody; be it Superstars, Rappers, Hollywood celebrities, Pop stars; has a security service in their retinue. I personally think that today the world has become more dangerous than ever it was in history. Nobody today is safe completely. People today are a bit more conscious of their security.

When you are in spotlight, there is a constant threat to you be it Stalkers, Criminals, even fans in huge numbers can become the reason for the threat to you and your family. You need to be alert 24/7 and prepared all the time for such situations. You ought to have a celebrity security or event security to manage crowd for you and protect you from stalkers, protests, criminals and lone wolfs. You cannot just avoid the question. It is not about shelling money when you got covered by media all the time you got both fans and haters. At any point someone may point a gun towards you, the threat is real.

What Exactly Celebrity Security Offers To You And What It Exactly Is:

Celebrity security includes everything from having bodyguards in your entourage to VIP protection or travel security, secure transportation, residential security and Film set security.

Celebrity Bodyguards: Celebrities sometimes require bodyguards for short duration it could be when attending special events or media press conferences where risks include an attack from nearby persons. Some require bodyguards in the long run based on their threat perception. Sometimes covert protection and surveillance are provided to the client who acts as an unobtrusive security layer to the client.

VIP Protection: Some high profile individuals need VIP security services for both short and long durations. VIP security includes working in close contact with the client for logistics and planning. While travelling it is ensured that the individual’s route is safe and flexible constantly looking for future circumstances.

Secure Transportation Services: Clients are provided with reliable ground transportation which is safe. These include armoured chauffer driven Sedans, SUV’s which protect the individual while travelling by ground from one place to another thus making them safe from surroundings.

Residential Security: Celebrities face immense threats and risks within their homes. These include stalkers, criminals, kidnap threats, protests. Cutting-edge technology is employed while giving celebrity security. A comprehensive technical security team is employed along with physical security which acts as rapid response, protective intelligence. These include everything from CCTV to thermal imaging, motion sensors, sniffer dogs, alarm systems and reserve backup teams.

Film Set Security: Celebrities are provided security on film sets and studios. Armed security, undercover surveillance is provided for effective crowd control management and keeping miscreants at a bay. These are provided to keep them safe from insider attacks and in any event of a disaster.


How Does It Feel To Have Celebrity Security?

Most celebrities don’t feel comfortable when asked about their security but everyone is shelling money for their safety. It might feel weird being surrounded by security service personnel all the time and grabbing the unwanted attention of public but the fact is you feel safe and protected in their company.

“The more you remain in Public Space,

Higher is the threat perception”

They might look weird but they constantly scan your surroundings for what they call as “Indicators” in celebrity security. These security service personnel constantly scan people and identify miscreants based on their body language and facial expressions. They search for Bad Guys so as to protect you from dangers.

How Do Celebrity Security Deal With The Stalkers, The Basic Reason Behind The Whole Concept of Celebrity Security?

The basic trick to identify them is High Counter- Surveillance skills. These guys should remain at a distance from the client say a minimum of three meters and the entire do is gaze on hand and eyes. Celebrity Security includes security personnel in plain clothes which constantly scans the crowd for such persons. These are easily identifiable based on their looks, their body language, and facial expression. Also, they have a fixation on the celebrity so as approach him. Such guys should be kept at bay.


What Type Of Equipment Do They Use?

People responsible for Celebrity Security use each and every type of equipment you may think of. These include armoured vehicles, armed bodyguards, non-armed bodyguards, security persons with lethal weapons, bodyguards in plain clothes, Body Scanners, metal detectors, thermal imaging units, motion sensors, sniffers dogs. The idea is to never repeat yourself. They may place cameras which are clearly visible so that the miscreants fall into the trap ones which are covertly placed.


Showbiz brings about several security threats to a celebrity’s life. For this very reason alone, a special sector of security personnel is involved. Celebrity security ensures the safety of celebrities in many different ways and if you feel threatened by the general media paparazzi(ing) you’re every move, you should consider investing in professionals.