About Us

As you may have noticed, there are several Private Investigators and Security Agencies on the web to choose from, so why choose us? At JMN Investigations & Protective Services, we pride ourselves on providing professional services at competitive industry rates. At JMN Investigations, we control our overhead costs to give you the Client, the best value. In addition, JMN Investigations & Protective Services utilizes only LICENSED AND INSURED PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS and SECURITY COMPANIES. Our preferred partners have been extensively vetted for; experience, subject matter expertise and proper insurance and licensure. We take the fear and uncertainty out of choosing a single source; Risk Management provider.

JMN Investigations & Protective Services is a premier National provider of  Security, Investigative and Advisory services, since 1999. If your investigative needs take place in the United States, we can assist you.

John Nobriga is a former board member of ATAP (Association of Threat Assessment Professionals), 18 year member of CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators) and a 30 year seasoned Investigator and threat management provider.